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Abhi Aggarwal attends the 2019 NeuroNex Undergraduate Practicum in Woods Hole, MA

Our second annual Undergraduate Practicum in Bioluminescence held at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in beautiful Woods Hole, Massachusetts, was a huge success!

In late March 2019, our NeuroNex Technology Hub hosted 13 undergraduates from colleges and universities across the United States and Canada: Amherst College, Brown University, Coastal Carolina University, Iowa State University, Mercer University, Northern Michigan University, Oregon State University, Pomona College, San Francisco State University, University of Alberta, Canada, University of California Irvine, University of Central Florida, and the University of New Hampshire.

Students attended morning lectures on the biology, chemistry and physics of bioluminescence and fluorescence, learned about lamprey as a model organism, and were introduced to the molecular engineering that allows the component molecules of bioluminescent chemical reactions to be expressed in cell and mouse models.

Abhi Aggarwal Nathan Shaner Woods Hole MBL purifying protein
Abhi Aggarwal and Nathan Shaner

Abhi Aggarwal and Dr. Nathan Shaner (UCSD) purifying proteins

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